★★★★ "One of my top 5 films at Palm Springs International Film Festival... A must see." Norman Mark, Desert Entertainer

★★★★ "one of my top 5 at the PSIFF... Loved this film, which deserves wide distribution because, while disturbing in its portrayal of what happened to parents during China's Cultural Revolution, is a human and humane movie which illuminates history we barely know about. It is also an emotional look at a mother-daughter relationship. A must see."

Norman Mark, Desert Entertainer   

A Memoir of China's Cultural Revolution

Chicagoan's film also explores relationship with daughter, by Suzanne Harnney

Author Jian Ping's Book Developed into Feature-Length Documentary Film, October 15, 2011

Health Today, a biweekly newspaper in Chicago, releases coverage on the premiere of Mulberry Child at Heartland Film Festival on October 15, 2011. 

Bob Burchfield/Around Indy covers Mulberry Child

Bob Burchfield covers Mulberry Child attending the Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis. Read blog details at "aroundindy".